What Type Of Dogs Would You First Think About? Essay

What Type Of Dogs Would You First Think About? Essay

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If you were to hear about someone describing an “aggressive” breed, what type of dogs would you first think about? Many people would likely say, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and maybe a few others. “Aggression” can be defined as damaging or even the threat of damaging behavior; it does need to necessarily involve an actual attack (McFarland 2014). Many of these breeds are criticized and discriminated around the world. Numerous cities throughout the United States have even banned certain breeds from being within city limits (American Veterinary Medical Association). Some insurance companies even require a higher premium for if you own one of these “aggressive” breeds. There are numerous different reasons for these common misconceptions; the history of the breed, training techniques used, their environment, and of course, negative media attention.
It is true that some breeds may be more likely to bite than others, which should not be misunderstood as a sign of aggression. Although, with a little understanding of these breeds history, we can better understand why many of these dogs act the way that they do. German Shepherd Dogs were breed to become an unmatched herding dog due to their strength, intelligence, and excellent temperament. However, this also caused the breed to become extremely territorial and protective of their family, property, or handler. Because of this, they also became highly desired as both police and guard dogs (American Kennel Club). Like the German Shepherd Dog, the Rottweiler was also breed in Germany for their herding capabilities along with the ability to pull a cart for many butchers and farmers. Despite what many people think, Rottweilers are inherently not vicious or unstable. A well trained...

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...uickly leaves. This only enforces this type of behavior and creates more issues later.
Some rescue shelters require anyone adopting a dog to take a quiz about the dog and there behavior. This is something that should be implemented with all new dog owners. This can ensure they are aware of the dogs needs, whether it be level of exercise, attention, stimulation, etc. Many high-energy breeds also need to be enrolled in some sort of “job”. These can consists of dog agility courses, tracking, scent work, advanced obedience, fly ball, and others (Paws). This provides a very safe outlet of energy for these working dogs who often are considered aggressive. In conclusion, labeling or implying a ban strictly on the breed of a dog is wrong; any dog can be aggressive. Before we assume and make accusations, we need to understand the entire story and background of any situation.

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