What Type of Changes Should We Make to the Failing Education System? Essay

What Type of Changes Should We Make to the Failing Education System? Essay

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In today’s society the education system is steady failing and its time to reform. The big question is, what kind of changes do we make? One of the ways in which we can improve our teaching force is by is by allowing a program such, as Teach for America, to help, restructure the performance based pay reform, and better prepare teacher with the skills and intelligence needed be effective in the teaching workforce. These reforms may not be perfect but there are some validity to them.
Many states have such as, Tennessee, have adapt the method of assessing teachers by using performance with standard assessment rubrics that are currently in place as part of the teacher licensure process. This type of procedure allows administrators to observe the teachers more closely and get a sense of how they would interact in the classroom setting. The more rigorous this process is the more quality teachers it will produce. Another program that should be put into practice is the School District-Based Teacher Residency Programs; which teacher candidates attain a master’s degree while wor...

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