What The Placentia Library Needs More Than Anything Is A Proper Essay

What The Placentia Library Needs More Than Anything Is A Proper Essay

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What the Placentia library needs more than anything is a proper "History" section of their website. Currently, the webpage that highlights their history is only a brief list of facts and information, and the historical information and artifacts about the city can only be located through extensive search and accessing a variety of different websites. One condensed updated webpage with easily accessible links to all of Placentia 's historical information would be the ideal solution to the disorganization of the historical information on Placentia that 's currently available to the public. The current webpage would be cleared entirely, but the information available on it could be linked to a separate pdf fact sheet.
To begin, it is imperative that the incredible online historical archive of photographs that can be accessed on the California Archive be linked to the web page. A simple hyperlink that states "Click here to view Placentia 's historic photograph archive" would be sufficient", but even better would be sub-page within the History page named "Placentia Historical Photographs" where all the pictures could be viewed directly from the City of Placentia 's website without accessing outside website, as keeping all the information in one place is the goal with this process. Another two subpages of the history page should link to information on the Bradford House and the George Key Ranch. These are two of Placentia 's most important historic places and it is difficult to locate any information on either of those two locations anywhere on the official Placentia website and they are ignored entirely on the "History" page of the website. Each page would have a few photographs of the historic site, a link to the site 's official websi...

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...enda of the committees most recent meeting. Understanding what the Placentia historical committee is currently working on in the section of a website specifically about Placentia’s history gives visitors a far better understanding of how historical preservation is being done in the city.
The main goal of this website project is to take all of the currently scattered information and resources available on the history of Placentia and put it all in one place that is easily accessible and understandable. Arguably, most people will not do a large number of internet searches to find information about the history of a city, they’ll likely look for the history page on the city’s official website and never look beyond that. This project makes the City of Placentia’s history page easy to navigate and filled with as much information as possible about Placentia’s rich history.

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