What The Heck Just Happened Here? Essay

What The Heck Just Happened Here? Essay

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“Oh, my God! Good Lord, please help me! I’m going down! My plane’s about to hit the ground! I can’t feel my face! I’m bleeding from the nose! Oh, Jesus, I’m going to die!”
“Grandpa, wake up! You’re not dying! Don’t worry!”
“Huh? Oh, good morning, Cameron. What the heck just happened here?”
“You were having a nightmare. I had to shake you to help you awaken!”
“Yeah—I must have fallen asleep while watching an old war movie again.”
“Which one did you see?”
“I think it was Sole Survivor.”
“Can’t say I’ve ever seen it. After seeing how frightened you were, I must admit I’m a little reluctant to take a gander at it.”
“Good thinking, Cameron. Have fun with your life while you’re young. There’s no need to concern you with anything frightening or able to ruin your good vibes.”
“I’ll definitely take your advisement to heart. Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Sure. Go right ahead. Fire away!”
“Do you remember how, back when I was living in Fremont with Mom and Dad, we used to communicate with each other via email? How I would distribute Web TV messages?”
“I do.”
“I would keep you posted on what was going on in my life and my parents’ lives.”
“You and Grandma even came over to visit a couple of times!”
“We sure had much fun, didn’t we?”
“Can’t speak for my parents, but I did! I’ve got a feeling they did too.”
“It’s the impression I got, without a doubt. It would come as a surprise if I was wrong.”
“But I was just wondering.”
“Have we ever sat down to have a formal discussion on your life as a young man?”
“You’d like to learn about what life was like for me way back in the day?”
“Yes, sir!”
“I’m pleased to hear you say what you just said. It’s nice to see there’s somebody who cares enough to want to learn about what made me the pe...

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.... in Newark and filled out a few forms.”
“Did it take a while to complete the necessary paperwork for enlisting?”
“As you can well visualize, yes. But it’s worth it for anyone who loves America.”
“Were there any more prerequisites needing fulfillment before you could serve?”
“I had to take a physical.”
“How did it turn out?”
“Passed with flying colors! I was working out and staying away from the fatty foods, so it wasn’t a problem for me in the least.”
“Fatty foods? You mean like chips, ice cream, French fries, pizza, and cheeseburgers?”
“The five temptations would all qualify for incorporation into such a group.”
“Looks like I’ve got work to do before my body is ready for serving our country.”
“As long as you keep up a healthy diet and don’t overdo the indulgences, you’ll be fine.”
“What was the next step for you after passing your Air Force qualification physical?”

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