What The Following Statement Means : It Can Take Years For A Buyer / Seller Partnership

What The Following Statement Means : It Can Take Years For A Buyer / Seller Partnership

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Assignment Questions
1. Discuss what the following statement means: ‘It can take years for a buyer/seller partnership to begin delivering results.’
The reason why it can take a long time to begin delivering results is because the supplier must involve in day-to-day redesign support and process improvement. This whole process will take a long time. In order to build a trust between supplier and a company the supplier should take the action to improve a trust relationship.
2. Discuss the advantages of having point-to-point contact (Exhibit 1) between functional groups at different companies. Are there any disadvantages to this approach?
A Good advantage of having point-to-point contact between functional groups at different companies is being able of having a direct contact. Having a direct contact and sharing information between companies could save a lot of time to make a process run faster. Also sharing information will give both companies a current update. On the other hand, most companies agree on having point-to-point contact, therefore if there is any disadvantage about this contact it could be because one of the part won’t agree for some company reasons.
3. What role does trust play in the relationship between Whirlpool Corporation and Inland Steel? Provide examples from the case that illustrate trust within this relationship.
In order to build a strong relationship between companies there must be a trust. So trust played a big role in this case. A good example in this case was that inland steel “concern that a single-sourcing policy might cause it to lose touch with the market”. On the other hand, whirlpool “concerned about the technological risks of relying on only one supplier”. However, building a trust relationship b...

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... the bumps, hurdles, or conflicts by setting up a meetings every time the firms needed to. Also by sharing the reports to minimize any risks and find a solution. Also by updating each firm by the other part activities will minimize the risk.
9. What is a supplier council? What role does a council have in supporting the strategic supplier alliance between Whirlpool Corporation and Inland Steel?
Supplier council is a group that played a huge role to the relationship between both companies. The group helped both companies of sharing the strategies and tactics between them so they can have an update of each part activates.

10. What might cause an alliance or partnership to end?
It could be the end of a contract and one of the part are looking for another alliance. Another cause could be because of the supplier cannot provide some of the parts of what the company wants.

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