What The Caped Crusader Really Stands For Essay

What The Caped Crusader Really Stands For Essay

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What the Caped Crusader Really Stands For
The Dark Knight Returns Part Two, is an animated film released on January 29, 2013 which is adapted from the 1986 comic book by the same name written by Frank Miller. The story follows a retired Batman who has decided to come out of retirement because he knows that his days are numbered and that it is time to look for a good death. The vigilante’s comeback sparks the comeback of the Joker and gets the attention of the United States government. This all leads to a legendary fight between Batman and Superman, in which one is fighting for a purpose and the other is blindly following authority, and it all ends with Batman dying but not really. The Dark Knight Returns is a romance story that is set on an epic scale, involves a figure of great cosmic importance, and has the Dark Knight go on a quest for an ideal.
The film takes place on a massive scale that is not limited to Gotham as it involves the cold war. In fact, the story involves the whole world as two great figures, the USA and USSR, are fighting over a fictional South American country named Corto Maltese, and the threat of nuclear war is about to become reality. In typical American fashion the United States addresses that they are not going to be bullied by the ‘commies’ and that they will support the government of Corto Maltese against the fight of the overtaking by the rebels who have support of the USSR. Putting this scenario into scale would involve the whole world since launching one nuke would break the stalemate and give every country every reason to launch their nukes. This is important because the United States has the best weapon on earth that is not a nuclear bomb, and that is Superman who is single-handedly holding off t...

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... it a ninety-four percent, and most fans would recommend this story to anyone who is looking for an awesome batman storyline. In fact the storyline is so great and popular that it was used as the source material for the Dark Knight Rises and is being used as the source material for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. The film does a great job of emphasizing an epic scale by involving the cold war, and showing how great of an importance Superman is by asking who he should the most powerful man answer to? Then there is the Dark Knight who is on the greatest quest for an ideal by showing people that they need to stand up for what is right, and all these things together is what makes this movie a fantastic romance. Overall the story has a hidden message that gets some people thinking on whether or not there is more wrong with the world than just crime?

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