What Suggestions Would You Have For Improving Media Relations At Coors? Essay example

What Suggestions Would You Have For Improving Media Relations At Coors? Essay example

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Q#5: What suggestions would you have for improving media relations at Coors?
Just like any successful business, success is not just handed to them. Some form of trails and tribulation are presented. Through the introduction of the trails and tribulation, many successful corporation was born, case in point Adolph Coors Company. Before one can comment on the success of Coors, it’s important to address the struggles of the corporation and methodology towards fixing their problems.
Adolph Coors Company was a company that had its fair shares of ups and downs, in regards to media relations, boycotts, and labor union crisis. However, after closely reviewing the article pertaining to Adolph Coors Company it becomes clear and concise that there wasn’t enough time spent on properly developing their staff in handling aggressive media exposure, this could have been repaired through proper training in addition to attending media preparation courses. McCarthy did the right thing by establishing corporate communication, community affairs, economics affairs, and legislative affairs. However, I would have taken it one step further and introduced as a public relations (PR) constituent department. PR agencies, credit themselves with successfully developing media relationships by researching both personal and professional details, such as birthdays or children 's birthdays, or following the practices of targeted “gifting” (Argenti, 2013). More importantly, if utilized correctly PR has the ability to help arrange for an exploration as well as dialog by a persuasive and provocative journalist member, more importantly, these individuals have been known to establish communication efforts in ways that enable corporations to diffuse adverse publicity wh...

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...aintaining good MR is to keep updating available data and evaluate the organization performance constantly.
For that reason, improving operational and effective communication skills, becomes the bedrock towards any business that is in crisis. Instead of overlooking incongruities with the media, the leadership of Adolph should take this opportunity to tackle any proposed question from the media, however this should be done by assigning individuals who are knowledgeable and skillful to answer tough questions that will be asked by the reporters. Instead of using guilt and shame to force others to change themselves, we can breathe grace by holding out to them the wonderful news that God wants to free them from sin and help them grow to be like his Son (Sande, 2004). At the end of the day nothing can substitute the need for advantageously established communications team.

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