What Strategic Leadership Is Important For A Leadership Position Essay

What Strategic Leadership Is Important For A Leadership Position Essay

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If anyone desires to be in a leadership position, one must learn to be strategic in his or her leadership style. In doing so, they will learn how to effectively lead in the current situation they find themselves in. In the infant stages of any leadership position, one must first learn what strategic leadership encompasses, and how they can effectively contribute strategic leading and planning into their current situation. Always understanding where they are and where they want to be is key to being an effective leader. Putting it all into perspective and placing it into a biblical model is important if one desires to be in Christian leadership. As we dive into the study, truth and nature of strategic leadership, it is imperative to understand that being intentional in our leadership style in a Christian context is important to showing theological, biblical principals that guide Christian strategic leadership.
Strategic Leadership Definition
The first important step in strategic leadership is defining what strategic leadership is. Strategic leadership is a leadership process that uses certain tactics that help increase the communication of vision for the organization. It manages and motivates those in the organization to share in that same vision. To me strategic leadership also is an important tool to aid in implementing change that is needed to move a church or organization forward.
Strategic leadership is important because without strategic leadership, there is an absence of strategic planning, which is needed in order to be effective. Malphurs sates, “One reason for strategic planning is that it really makes a difference in a church’s effectiveness.” In leadership, it is vital to have a plan because without a pla...

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...d be God 's people because it is essentially organized around spiritual realities in tune with God 's redemptive work.” What can be an issue is getting churches that have been founded for many years to get on board with this type vision and mission. A church plant, which is very popular in today’s society usually, does not have this type problem. I have seen this to be the true from churches that I have been a part of. Mary Louise Gifford states, “Turning a church around involves a number of years dedicated to dismantling old systems and initiating and implementing newer, more effective systems. This is one of the major obstacles that points out the difference between a new church plant and a turnaround church.” That is why having a strong vision and mission grounded in strategic leadership and planning is vital to the success of the church in today’s society.

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