What Steps Will You Take For Foster Connections At Uta? Essay

What Steps Will You Take For Foster Connections At Uta? Essay

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What do you feel connected to in your life right now and why?
My family members and my education is so connected to my life. Living in on campus far away from my parents has realized me their importance and their place inside me. In other hand, I came here to obtain a good educational degree and the sacrifice that my parents made to send me for my further education will lead me towards my goal. Therefore, these two things are very connected to in my life.

What steps will you take to foster connections at UTA?
I will join the clubs and or any kind of association which I may be interested in. Mostly, to make more connection in a new place, communication is a crucial factor. I will step my foot a head to talk with people instead of waiting for them to talk with me.

What have you learned about your communication skills this semester?
I was always a very quiet person and was not very good with socializing with the unfamiliar people. Even after coming to UTA, I thought I will still be the shy girl who always stepped back in the group discussions. But no, now I have started to talk with any random people confidently which has significantly improved my communication skill as well as confidentiality.

How effective are your time management skills? Give examples supporting your answer.
My time management are very effective. Just writing the time for home works dates on the calendar is not just enough. Following the plan and actually committing to finish the works on planned time is very important. Until this point, I have been finishing my works exactly on time or even earlier. Time management has been little comfortable than I thought it would be since I just have 4 classes and I get some leisure time to spend. For example, my Mon...

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... while you are a student?
Most of the college students procrastinate their home works while they have enough time and they usually rush at the last minute. As a student, rather than waiting for last minute to finish it and panic, I will finish it early and freshen my mind. Another one is, eating daily diet on the right time is crucial for every one and I will try to eat as close on time as possible depending on the time of classes for the day.

How will you approach caring for yourself when you enter your profession?
According to my knowledge, as I enter my profession, I will start facing more stress due to loads to work and many hours of shift. I may start feeling weaken therefore I will try to sleep as early as possible and wake up little early in the morning. For 15 to 20 min, I will practice Yoga which will freshen up my mind and brings relaxation on body.

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