What Springs You Mind When You Hear The Word ' Change? Essay

What Springs You Mind When You Hear The Word ' Change? Essay

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What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘change’? It is a broad term that can be interpreted in many different ways, because it truly needs a specific context to be understood. This ad by Levi entitled “Change” incorporates a dual meaning of the word and refers not only to changing into new clothes, but also to changing society’s views on sociological issues. In this ad, an upper class homosexual male finds a male partner once he puts on his Levi jeans. Levi’s commercial is a progressive ad showcasing their jeans as a status symbol, while also pushing the heteronormative boundaries and displaying their support for different sexualities.
To begin, Levi is utilizing the concept of social stratification through demonstrating the importance of material ownership and their jeans are seen as a status symbol worn only by those with money. This is underlined by the location of the man putting on the jeans. It can be seen that he is in what appears to be a big city in a modern, stylishly furnished apartment in the heart of downtown. It is likely that this apartment would be on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, and this implies to the audience that these jeans are not meant for the lower classes. It can then be inferred that this is more positively than negatively privileged, and enforces the idea that he is of a higher social class, one that has had better life chances, creating the possibility of living in an expensive apartment downtown. This suggests to the audience that by owning a pair of these jeans, one could increase one’s social status, and potentially give off the appearance of being of a higher status than is actually the case. This is similar to the “middle class” of today. This group of people incur debts and l...

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...n two white people who are perceived to be near the top of the socio-economic status. As they are near the top, it demonstrates some white supremacy since it places white people in the most advanced ranks of society and in the ad the white people are seen as upper class citizens who appear to be above everyone else.
In conclusion, Levi’s advertisement “Change” promotes their brand of jeans as an important status symbol in society while simultaneously moving away from heteronormative views in the media, as well as expressing acceptance and encouragement of the overlap of various sexual orientations. Levi is taking a stand on matters that have been avoided in the media for some time and is proving to their consumers that they are a brand that will stand by what they believe in and this is essential to remaining a competitive and successful company throughout the years.

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