What Skills Children Are Learning When They Play During Recess Their Period?

What Skills Children Are Learning When They Play During Recess Their Period?

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My question is about what skills children are learning when they play during recess their period? Playing serves several valuable purposes including building social skills, developing physical fitness, and strengthening intellectual and emotional capabilities. When a child plays she or he will be creating and preserving friendships. Playing also helps children develop problem solving skills, by allowing them to sort out issues that arise during play independently amongst their peers. Because of the importance of playing, schools typically give a recess period during the day to allow children time for active movement and free play. This period ideally occurs outdoors, but sometimes schools may have recess periods inside a classroom or gymnasium due to inclement weather. A child can learn from recess just as she/he learn from regular classes.
Research continues to indicate that there are benefits derived from unorganized playing, specifically outdoor play, for young children. Playing at recess gives children much needed opportunities to expand their creativity and exercise the power of choice. This is especially important in building up a child 's feelings of efficacy in school, and those feelings may well correlate to subsequent achievements and motivation later on, like attendance and positive classroom participation.
The recess period also allows children to release their energy. Consequently, when they return to the classroom, students are better able to focus on academic tasks. Used this way, recess can be an important element of behavior guidance and classroom management (Bogden & Vega-Matos, 2000).
The benefits of recess are classified under the following categories: social development, emotional development, physical de...

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...o think fast when the game suddenly made a turn to disadvantage them and it helped them to think out the box to come up with new games for play. Children also used recess to explore social roles in the adult world, which they can engage their imagination to imagine how some adults would react in their roles. They also use this to explore what kinds of options they would like to pursue in their own future.
While I did not observe arguments or fighting during my time there, I am aware that recess will help the children to release energy, which will get them to be more attentive in the classroom. This makes recess “an important element of classroom management and behavior guidance,” (Recess 2), because it is a way to allow children to deal with and let go of their stress. Overall, recess seemed obvious to me from my observations to be an important element to teaching.

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