Essay on What Should You Do First?

Essay on What Should You Do First?

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1. You are about to begin your job search. What should you do first?
The first thing is to re-examine your interest, your goals, your aim, and your qualifying skills.
2. What employment trends are occurring in today’s workplace?
Media skills, technological experts, data collection, and media communications all with computer knowledge.
3. Using the web, where should job candidates look in addition to searching the big job board sites?
Personally networking and referrals from friends, business associates, newspapers, agencies, and other sources.
4. What are some tips you should follow to ensure a safe and effective online job search?
1. Don’t use personal information, 2. Use separate email account, 3. Post your information privately, 4. Don’t add your references, 5. Use reputable sites,6. Keep records on all sites that you are posting your search on.

5. What is a customized résumé, and why should you have one?
A customized resume help you to communicate exactly what the employer needs to them, it specifier the very areas that the employers is looking to fill.
It is important to have a customized resume because, in this age, everything is about branding, in order to sell yourself you must be a brand that someone wants, and a customized resume is one of those things that will help you to sell yourself.
6. What is a chronological résumé, and what are its advantages and disadvantages? How does it differ from a functional résumé?
Chronological is used most of the times now, it deals with objects, and career, it deals with work history and experience in the order of most resent to past, best used by people already Functional, recent graduate, focuses on your skills, abilities and experience
7. Describe a summary of qualifica...

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7. How should you respond to questions you feel are inappropriate or illegal?
You can chose to answer if you feel safe, you can redirect the question, or you can tell the interviewer you are not comfortable answering the question
8. What kinds of questions should you ask during an interview?
What will my duties be? , who will be my manager? Can I do a walkthrough of the facility?, what training will I have?, what is your employee turn over rate? Am I require to travel? What do you like about working here?
9. List the steps you should take immediately following your job interview.
As soon as you leave make notes of all that was said, height on the main ideas that was discussed, the names of all the people who interviewed you analyzed your strength and weakness, write down your follow up plan, who to send a thank you letter to, and how to contact the employer

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