What Should We Do Now? Essay examples

What Should We Do Now? Essay examples

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Once they tied their hands, Justin checked the Mr. Cassidy’s cuts on his face as blood poured from his mouth onto his clothes. “Look what you guys did.” Justin took off his shirt and wiped the blood from Mr. Cassidy’s face. “They won’t hurt you again,” he promised helping the old man lay flat on the grass as the boys cursed and struggled to get free.
“Mark, what should we do now?” Chuck stopped struggling and asked.
“Shut up and let me think. We want him to know that we’re not hoodlums, and he should’ve given us his money.” Mark spat on the grass, “What are you going to do with us?” He asked again.
“You’ll find out soon enough,” Justin said after he discovered the injuries were not serious. Still, he was afraid the old man might have broken bones, and wanted him to lay still. “Mr. Cassidy, stay here. Let me call someone, you might need to go to the hospital,” he said and started toward his bike.
“I’ll be okay. Please, don’t leave me,” he pleaded, grabbing Justin by the leg.
Justin knelt down beside him, “You’ll be okay. My friends won’t let them hurt you.”
“Let me get to my feet,” the old man pleaded.
“Sure, you can sit, but don’t you try to stand up,” Justin said, noticing the other boys staring at him.
“I’m okay. I should kick your ass right here. Boys, never do this again to anyone. I could have died. Then what would you have done?” Mr. Cassidy spoke to Mark and Chuck as they stared at each other while lying on the grass.
“Are you sure you are alright?” Justin asked, still upset with his friends.
“Thank you. I’ll be okay,” he said, wiping the blood from his face.
“You guys are stupid and mean for beating up an old man. I should call the sheriff and let him take you to jail because that is where you belong,” Justin said r...

... middle of paper ...

...know about it and no one else.” Mr. Cassidy looked at the boys and each one promised.
“I’ll go on home, wash the blood off, and I’ll be fine. Do you understand what I’m saying?” He snapped, hoping the boys had learned something.
“Now go on home.” Ernest said, watching as they rode down the street. Mark and Chuck were riding side by side when Tommy overheard Mark promise, “You watch we’ll get even with Justin for doing this and make him sorry he was so stupid.” Tommy thought Mark was only saying that because he was angry and he said nothing to Justin.
“Son, would you walk with me to my house? I am not sure if I can make it by myself,” Mr. Cassidy said, watching the other boys ride across the field.
“I’ll get your cart.”
“That’s okay. I can get it later,” he said, wanting Justin to stay with him and pretended his injuries were more serious than they were.

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