What 's The Fuck Going On Back Here? Essay

What 's The Fuck Going On Back Here? Essay

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"Marcus! Marcus! Marcus get your ass out the restroom. I know what you doing in there you nasty bastard."
"I 'm taking a shower!"
"No you 're not, you in their beating your meat running the water. I telling momma you raising the damn water bill."
Why can 't a person have time to enjoy themselves without getting bother by a younger sibling.
"I 'll be out in a minute."
"No you get your ass out now. The bus will be here in twenty minutes and I 'll be late waiting for you."
"Asia if you don 't get your ass away from this door."
"Whatcha gone do?"
"What 's the fuck going on back here."
"Marcus in the restroom playing with himself again."
"Mama she lying I was just taking a shower."
"Nuh uh, he was just talking to himself about how horny he was."
"Child go to your room. What I tell you about using that kind of language from you."
"But mama the bu..."
"I 'll handle your brother."
"Not my fault he 's a fucking pervert," she whisper as she stumbles away.
"I swear I can not deal with this today, now Marcus what I said will happen if you keep playing with yourself."
"My dick will fall off," I mumble.
"My dick will fall off," I said a little louder.
"Honey I can 't hear you speak a little louder."
"My dick will fall off," I shouted out in anger.
"That 's better but don 't use that tone with me mister or that 's your ass. Get out the restroom so your sister can get ready for school."
"Shit motherfuckers got me fuck up in this bitch act like I won 't kick them out," I heard her saying as she walk away.
This the kind of shit I had to go through on a daily bases. My snitching ass sister and a mother who always threatening to kick somebody out. Man why couldn 't I be born into a rich family. Oh well that 's...

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...g beard, which is always filled with patches. His humor is corny and he has a nerdy personally. Girls say he reminds them of a slightly taller version of James Evans Jr.. The only reason I hang with him is because we knew each other since preschool.
"So what about you, when was the last time you got some poonani," he asked.
"You know I don 't like to talk about my sex life."
"Come of man I want to hear about that good ol legendary Marcus lovin," he said with a big goofy grin.
"Sometimes I feel like you are suspect man."
"Ah man you know I was just playing which you. That 's your problem you 're too sensitive. You better be lucky you be pulling or else I wouldn 't talk to you."
"Yeah what the fuck ever."
"Look man you 're my boy for life. That will never change. But I can 't help it that I can be hilarious sometimes. Look I 'm sorry if I offended you. We 're cool.?"

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