What Really Happened in Auschwitz? Essay

What Really Happened in Auschwitz? Essay

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Other than prisoners being executed, what really happened in Auschwitz? Auschwitz was one of the most famous concentration camps in WWII. Upon arrival the Jews and many others were loaded on to “the ramp” and the selection process began. The ones who looked healthy enough were put in a line to the right. Those who appeared unworthy were put in a line to the left and marched to immediate death. Women and children were stripped of clothing, hair and tattooed. All Jews lost their names and were called by the serial number tattooed on them upon arrival. It is said that some women were put into prostitution. By the end of WWII, Auschwitz became known as the symbol of death, due to about 1.1 million people dying from hard labor, experimentation, starvation, diseases, and execution.
Living conditions for Nazi prisoners were over crowded. They had to sleep in unsanitary wooden and brick bunks with several others. Prisoners were given a curtain amount of time to use the facilities with no privacy. With little water they had to clean themselves the inmates lived in constant filth. The Nazi’s didn’t care how bad the weather was, the prisoners had to wait long hours during rolls call. Even the dead had to present during roll call. After roll call prisoners were marched to where they would be working at for the day. Some worked in factories, while others worked outside. Hours later they were marched to camp for another roll call.
The fates of children who arrived in Auschwitz were no different than the fates of adults. They suffered the same way the adults did. They were worked, starved, punished, and put to death and were a part of cruel experiments. Children who were selected for labor worked in factories or coal mines. In 1993 separate b...

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...0,000 Have Been

Killed or Sent to Eastern Ghettos ALL PRISONS ARE JAMMED Sabotage Continues to Rise,

Considerably Assisted by Foreign Laborers

My diary of a Nazi death camp childhood – The Guardian












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