What Qualities Should An Entrepreneur Essay

What Qualities Should An Entrepreneur Essay

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With the competition of business activities increasing in the 21 Century, entrepreneurial strategies that companies implemented has become the key factor in business development. Encouraged by many marvelous business leaders who make contribution to the accomplishment of their companies, including Jeff Bezos, Lei Jun and Mark Zuckerberg, more and more business people have an aggressiveness to achieve the success of becoming an entrepreneur and master leadership to strive for superiority and realize the value of life. This is lead to a discussion about what qualities should an entrepreneur has and can be applied to become an excellent leader. In this essay, an accepted definition of the entrepreneur will be introduced to help to show entrepreneurial qualities such as innovation, risk taking and visionary thinking are essential to the learning of leadership.

Although entrepreneurship has been a worthwhile research field for many scholars, unanimous definition of entrepreneur is still have to be discussed. There are kinds of ways to define the entrepreneur that can be found in many literatures. For example, Schumpeter (1934 cited Rusu et al, 2012) stated that people who achieve a combination of new products, new production methods, new raw material sources or industrial restructuring is an entrepreneur. Bygrave and Hofer (1991 cited Rusu et al, 2012) believed that the entrepreneur is people who have a perception of opportunities and innovate a new business. Pleter (2005) defined an entrepreneur as a person who creates and enhances businesses, risks and the use of resources. Referring to the similarities from these definitions, the definition that will be used in this essay is from Dana (2012, P47), who suggested that “an entreprene...

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...rs to establish their own business or expand their enterprise as well as leaders. Risk taking encourages entrepreneurs take their idea into practice. Without adventurous spirit, innovative idea cannot come into effect. As for leaders, the quality of risk taking also help them to find a breakthrough for their business strategies and get remarkable achievements. In addition, the quality of adding value can prove the approaches that the implementations of an entrepreneur are rewarding and apply to the study of leadership, because leaders are not just establish a business, they can make the business exists longer and get more value constantly. What’s more, the last crucial quality for entrepreneurs to learn leadership is visionary thinking, which can help companies have a vision of their long-term goals and keep companies always in right directions for long development.

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