Essay about What Power Can Do For Happiness And Truth

Essay about What Power Can Do For Happiness And Truth

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What Power can do to Happiness and Truth
A Brave New World, a place where governmental control is acknowledged and in the end results in the failure of the society. It is a world created which is intensely interested in the powers and the limits of technology. A society where everything is under control, being observed, and synthetic. Essentially manufactured, the people of the society are test tube subjects before helping them fit a certain social needs and interests. These people 's lives revolve around their community, their existence, and security; never their individual happiness. However, to create such a perfect society, the individual 's identity is taken away to make sure that everybody is able to survive, advance, and live a life of happiness. When there are limitations on behavior patterns in a society it can restrict one 's ability to be truly happy in every aspect. Huxley created a world where every individual’s freedom is taken away due to their pre-designed lifestyles, however, the characters believe that this is their true happiness. To be content is their belief of happiness. In a way this is true because they have not experienced life a different way due to the fact that there is so much power and direction over them. Ultimately, Huxley challenges the idea of what true happiness is and whether happiness is more important than knowing the truth.
In the Brave New World Mond argues that happiness is more important than truth. He also believes that humankind 's ultimate goal is stability and happiness. It is also very clear that the World State believes that only the truth that is acceptable is the truth it promotes, and not the truth that arises from emotion and thinking. By casting the truth and happiness of t...

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...thest they can get depends on how much they want to evolve the society. Since the civilians are not able to create anything by their free will, the moderators treat them as a group and not as an individual. Just like a science experiment as long as the majority is happy, the moderators do not really care about how the individual’s feel and think. Because of this thinking, not only is the society stagnating in development but they are never able to experience the happiness that creation brings to people.
In conclusion, the people in The Brave New World are never fully experiencing happiness. Not knowing what the feeling of true happiness is what makes this society imperfect, and because the civilians are unable to know the truth behind their lives, they live in a large science experiment that doesn’t allow development and growth but rather stability and security.

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