What People 's Morbid Relation Between Plastic Surgeries And Celebrities?

What People 's Morbid Relation Between Plastic Surgeries And Celebrities?

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Zhenyu Li
Professor Scott Moore
July 27, 2016
Surrender by Scalpels:
People’s Morbid Relation Between Plastic Surgeries and Celebrities
In “Celebrity Bodies”, a paper about public’s relation with celebrities, Daniel Harris states that celebrities are not only not beautiful, but also just “clothes-hangers” (Harris 2). However, later on in his paper, he states that some celebrities are not achieving their physical beauty through a natural way. They gain their physical beauty through plastic surgeries. Mary Tyler Moore, Alicia Douvall and Michael Jackson are just a few celebrities who he used as examples. It seems to be a popular trend that people want to use plastic surgeries to make themselves prettier. Despite all the painful procedures and terrible complications, they are willingly to mimicry celebrities to achieve supposed more beautiful states. They think that they are going to be more beautiful, but the reality is that they go through all the suffers to resemble others. Why, on earth, do people constantly use celebrities to guide plastic surgeons in their surgery? It is because people want to raise public attention, and it is even more irony that people gain self-recognition by mimicking others. People feel pity about themselves when they are actually “themselves”. Once they resemble celebrities, they gain confidence through those superficial similarities.
First of all, there is no clear standard on how to define beauty. In “Celebrity Bodies” paragraph three, Harris writes that “Few men are aroused by these stylishly accessorized carcasses” (Harris 1). In this statement, he reveals that no men appreciate models through his line “no me are aroused (Harris 1)”. This clearly states that he doesn’t think the aesthetic valu...

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