What New Ideas I Have For Modifying The Curriculum For Disadvantaged Students

What New Ideas I Have For Modifying The Curriculum For Disadvantaged Students

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After reading this week’s article, I began to to reflect on past teaching and what new ideas I have for modifying the curriculum for economically disadvantaged students. As an elementary teacher, I have learned that many young children take on the role of parent at home. Research states, “Children in low-SES homes also tend to live in environments that are overcrowded, with many siblings and many overall needs that must be met by their parents” (Milne and Plourde, 2006, p. 186). This means that parents have less time to spend with their children and older siblings are having to help out more at home. Therefore, more work at home means less time for school work and a need for the modification of the curriculum. I found that I can modify the curriculum by simplifying the TEKS into small increments so that mastery is reached. I do not want my students to become overwhelmed with state expectations, but focused on small steps of learning to ensure mastery. In addition, I learned to expose students to broaden experiences such as vacations and trips to museums, therefore, I am going to start implementing virtual field trips into the curriculum, to give them worldly experiences. I want my economically disadvantaged students to connect their learning to real-life situations.

Based on the readings for this week and reflections on your past teaching, what new ideas do you have for modifying instruction of your unit plan from Week 1 for Economically Disadvantaged students?

After reading this week’s article, I began to reflect on past teaching and what new ideas I have for instruction for economically disadvantaged students in my classroom. To begin, I am going to teach students about the different learning styles so that they can learn h...

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...could be implemented on a smaller scale and taking smaller steps of implementation. For example, second and third grade could work together as a module to address students knowledge and skill level instead of grade level. For our campus, I feel that we provide many interventions, but do not assess students throughout the year. Students must be given benchmarks to check for mastery. Pogrow states, “whenever a student has mastered a given modeule’s benchmark he or she immediately moves to the next one” (2006, p. 225). We must stop holding students back from learning. This module is the best of both worlds, allowing instruction to occur close to the academic achievement gap as well as providing enrichment to the instruction for the accelerated learners. All students deserve the best possible learning environment, and sometimes that means teachers have to take a risk.

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