What Motivates Someone to Become a Criminal? Essay

What Motivates Someone to Become a Criminal? Essay

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“Charlie, there are two kinds of thieves in this world: the ones who steal to enrich their lives and those who steal to define their lives.” (Gray 2003) There are many ways a criminal can enrich or define their lives with crime, and the ways they enrich or define their lives with crime almost always has something to do with their motive. These motives can range from revenge to crime being the only thing they know how to do to greed, and many, many more.
Revenge is an extremely common motive to become a criminal, and The Italian Job and “Girlfriend’s Revenge Case” bring this motive to life. In The Italian Job, Stella (Charlize Theron) says something that clearly displays her motive—revenge—for becoming involved in crime: “’I want to see the look on that man’s [Steve] face when his gold is gone. He took my father from me, I’m taking this.”’ (Gray 2003) She didn’t care about the money, she didn’t care about the consequences; all she cared about was taking vengeance on her father’s killer. In “Girlfriend’s Revenge Case”, Barbara Wu tries to get her boyfriend (Dennis Lin) to kill an ex-...

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