What Money Can’t Buy by Michael Sandel Essay

What Money Can’t Buy by Michael Sandel Essay

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The comparison between rich and poor people is a topic with an enormous gap. The bridge between the two is longer than most see it, and is increasing steadily. Michael Sandel wrote a book discussing his opposition to the market society in the United States. The focus of Sandel’s book lies within the title, What Money Can’t Buy. He believes that everything seems to be for sale and that we are a society that revolves around the idea of every person for themselves. Sandel also states that inequality is rising faster than ever. Even though everything is for sale in this day and age, that does not mean everyone is able to purchase whatever they want. Inequality comes in many forms like race, gender and age. Income inequality affects people the most in a market society. Some families are at a disadvantage just because they have more mouths to feed, which creates issues in providing basic needs to your family.
In today’s world, how much money you make is a big deal. Happiness is no longer the most important or easiest thing to achieve. Money, and how much of it you have, has taken over the minds of most American’s; they are starting to believe that the more money you have means the more things you can get. According to Sandel, rich Americans are taking advantage of jumping the queue. People have the option to pay more money to get better service at airports, get closer to the front of lines at amusement parks, and to get to the top of the Empire State Building faster than everyone else who pays the normal price (18-19). It is a great business strategy, and if you have the money to waste to get to the front of a roller coaster then you can afford to spend it. But this is not fair to the families that cannot afford it.

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