Essay on What Makes Your Perfect Dinner Experience?

Essay on What Makes Your Perfect Dinner Experience?

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Nostalgia. It’s delicate but, potent. It is something more powerful than any memory. It is an everlasting feeling. A feeling that we yearn to feel, even if it is just once more in our lifetime. That moment for me takes place at 7324 Johnston Drive, right outside of of Cleveland, Ohio. Now similar to a food recipe, my perfect dinner experience also requires a recipe, but instead of flour and eggs as ingredients, it requires specific people and even animals. It requires family. My parents got divorced when I was eleven, so the memories of those dinners have faded. The twinge in my heart is something I can never shake. The older I get, the more that these dinners mean to me and the more it hits me that these dinners will continue to happen less and less. My sister is moving to New York, I am in Chicago, and my dad is just about everywhere in between. That is what makes these meals so special. I know now that each time I come home from DePaul I get to turn back into the little blonde haired kid I used to be. The kid who had no worries, and woke up every morning with two parents in the house rather, than one, and now none.
There is no duplication for these dinners. These dinners are a day long experience that usually begins around 2 pm. For years my mother and I have bonded around foods and the grocery store. The car rides are just as memorable as the rest of the day, as they consist of me asking outlandish questions and me turning on “unintelligent music” as she quickly changes the station. At the store we take our time not by choice, but due to the fact my mom knows everyone in my town. I glide through the store like a gazelle running to each aisle picking out the most mouth watering meats, cheeses, and beer. The workers help me wi...

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... grandmother’s cat passed away. Once again, even years after the divorce my mom made sure my dad’s cat received a proper burial. She not only buried Lilac in our pet cemetery, but she dug the hole herself. You see our animals look at everyone in our family as family. They do not view my dad as a stranger. When he is over for dinner they greet him with the sloppiest of wet kisses. This I know will never change.
Dinner time with my family is what I cherish the most. As our lives begin to evolve these dinners will inevitably happen less and less. With that said, I know the memories and bond we share at that table together will never be lost. We will forever be a family. No divorce can change that. Whenever life gets me down I return to this nostalgic place. It is a place where I am free. Free of all worries. Free of adulthood. As at this dinner table I am a kid again.

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