What Makes Your Partner? Essay

What Makes Your Partner? Essay

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And that 's the point. We all do things differently, so keep score is solely based on your habits and schedule. Some people are fine with leaving their laundry until they absolutely run out of clothes, but someone who likes to keep things clean would do much more laundry. It 's all about perspective and rituals.

Some common traits that can cause you to keep score include:

- Jealousy: When you feel like your partner is getting more than you.

- Insecurity: When you feel like you need to receive more in order to feel valued or loved.


Instead of keeping score, do things out of love. Do what you are good at and what you enjoy. Do things with the intention of making your partner happy, instead of holding it above his or her head. And, when you don 't feel like doing something, tell your partner and ask them to do it instead of fighting about the fact that they never step up and do something for you.

Moreover, you may want to sit down and talk with your partner about where you feel you are lacking in the relationship - you know, the areas where you are keeping score. And, come up with a system to make sure that you don 't feel used or abused in any way so that you can keep the future fights away.

4. Having Different Priorities

We all have different priorities in life. Some of us value family, friends, and free time over money, career, and tropical vacations. When your priorities don 't line up with your partner 's priorities, the fights are going to happen! You may compromise for a while, but eventually you will feel as if you are lacking, and that will cause resentment towards your partner.

You don 't have to develop the same priorities in life in order to avoid fights, you just have to be understanding that your partner pl...

... middle of paper ...

... that could be hard to come back from.

Instead, say what you got to say. Don 't be mean. In fact, if you are just saying something to hurt your partner 's feelings, then don 't say it all. But, if you have something to say that could help you feel better or help your partner understand you better, then say it! Don 't let it fester. Nip in the bud now and you won 't have to worry about it affecting your relationship later on.

4. Allowing Your Partner To Be Themselves

Lastly, trying to make your partner into you is what causes fights in a relationship. When you want them to think like you, act like you, or talk like you, then you are asking for trouble. Accept your partner for who they are. Allow them to enjoy life on their terms and not have to give it all up because you say so. Do that, and you will find your relationship will grow stronger and happier by the day.

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