What Makes Your Dream Job? Essay

What Makes Your Dream Job? Essay

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What is your dream job? Do you wish to fly into space to explore the depths of the universe or do surgeries to save lives? Do you wish to be a famous actor in every movie or put out fires when they happen? Everyone in the world has a dream job. As a kid you fantasize about your dream job. As you grow up you must now choose what you want. This was my life as a kid. I love animals and always wanted to work with them. This started out when I was very young. The neighborhood I grew up in had many homeless animals. Ultimately we took in a cat named Benny. Benny seemed liked the smartest animal in the world. He was an outdoor cat but whenever he wanted fed or got to cold he would walk up to our door, stand up on his hind legs and ring the doorbell. He was the second cat we had but he was my closest friend. When he died I became inspired to become a veterinarian to save animals. However, I also had a love for horses. I have been riding since I was in Elementary school. Riding a horse is the closest thing you can get to freedom. Throughout my years of riding I also was inspired to become an equine trainer. By comparing the salary, education, working environment and job growth for both equine trainer and veterinarian, I can choose which job is best suited for me.
The average pay for veterinarians is high. The annual pay yearly for veterinarians is $87,590. However, this is just an average. If you first start this job your pay will be lower. The difference in the lowest ten percent and the highest ten percent is huge. The lowest ten percent earns less than $52,530 while the highest ten percent earns more than $157,390. This is a big difference you have to consider before choosing this career. However, veterinarians also work extra hours....

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...ll always be the good and the bad of each career. Researching the job is one way to learn what you actually want to do. Not only that, but shadowing someone in that career and doing work in that career can waver your decision. Once you know what you want to do in life, you have to look at the education needed. Some jobs don’t need college education while others do. Researching and getting into the details of each career will help you save money in college. Most students in college change their career because they don’t like that job. After spending so much money in classes, they have to spend more money in the new classes they need to take. Choosing a job is not an easy process. There will be times you hate your job and other times you will love it. No matter what job you do, you will only be stuck with the one career you choose to major in after you graduate college.

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