What Makes The Country One Lives? Essay example

What Makes The Country One Lives? Essay example

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When most people think of happiness, they will often point to a certain memory or give a basic definition of the word. Furthermore, these flashbacks often take place in our childhood, a time that seemed to be consistently filled with wonder and playtime. As we grow older, we seem to lose touch with our innate happiness we have as children. Consequently, numerous adults have trouble finding happiness in their day to day lives, especially when under extreme amounts of stress from work or home life. However, it is important to understand that the country one lives in plays an important role. In recent years, many countries have started to study happiness and its affect on their citizens. Some countries, like Denmark, have highly rated GDH, or Gross Domestic Happiness ratings, while other countries, like Japan, are ranked low on the scale. To quantify happiness, scientists have created scales based off of many key influences seen in the culture of the region, from food to education. Based on their studies, what makes a country happy overall? When comparing countries based on Gross Domestic Happiness, it is necessary to study cultural influences to understand the happiness levels of their citizens.
As one ponders which country would be the happiest in the world, many would think of rich, global powers first. However, Denmark, a small country with about 5.5 million citizens, ranks only 38th in the world’s GDP rankings, but came in first for the world’s Gross Domestic Happiness ranking (Denmark). Denmark’s happiness can not be attributed to money, but instead to many other benefits the country has to offer. For example, Denmark is a world leader in natural resources and sustainability. To put this into perspective, by 2020 half of domes...

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...appiness”. If this is the case, the United States and other countries should be working tirelessly to keep their citizens happy. The Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”. Therefore, it is necessary that each country takes its people’s happiness into its own hands and works toward a better tomorrow for all people involved. We must look at societies with high happiness rankings and apply valuable lessons to countries who are struggling. We live in an age that is struggling with mental health diseases, as millions of people combat them every day. Our happiness truly isn’t readily made; we must build a strong foundation for others who will reap the benefits of the lessons we learned from today. Our actions will help to improve and not weaken, so long as we take into account the happiness of all of those around us.

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