What Makes The Army A Subculture? Essay

What Makes The Army A Subculture? Essay

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What makes the Army a subculture? The Army objective is to serve American citizens, to protect United States, protect vital national interests, and to achieve national military responsibilities (United States Army, n.d). The members of the U.S Army share the same objective, which makes them a subculture. Here some background information on the U.S Army. The United States military is consistent of five branches Army, Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, and Marines. Although, there is a lot of similarities between all five of the branches there is also a lot of differences. The United States Army was first known as the Continental Army. The Army was founded in 1775 by the Second Continental Congress in order to go war in the American Revolutionary War (United States Army, n.d). After the war, the Congress of the Confederation established the United States Army on June 3, 1784(United States Army, n.d). They are a land-based military branch. Therefore, the Army performs the majority of their tasks on land. It is the oldest and largest military branch in the United States.
My view on the Army is a group of individuals who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country. Not everybody is willing to risk their lives for others. I think that certain people have strength and bravery to join the army. I think some people go into the Army to better themselves because maybe they are not having a good life back at home so they have no choice but to join the Army for a better life. According to the Defense ManPower Data Center only 0.4 percent of the United States population is in the active military as a whole(Chalabi,2015). The percentage of people who are active in the Army would probably be around 0.2 percent. People who are in the Army prob...

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...hey cannot relate. They create a special bond with each other because they experience the same emotion, hard work and pressure that are put on them in the Army.
What experiences do members of Army gain from the group? According to Jake Williams (personal communication October 5, 2015) said, “I experienced life away from family and friends”. It made him miss and respect my family more. Jake is appreciative and thankful for his family supporting him. He experienced the military life and development of a new family from the members that met here, and developed better life skills. Jake gained better life skills from being a better leader, responsible, more discipline, and learned how to work harder by the support of his team members. He said he apply those skills into his daily life. Jake got to experience military lifestyle, which not everybody will get to experience.

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