Essay on What Makes Someone More Qualified And Better For The Presidency?

Essay on What Makes Someone More Qualified And Better For The Presidency?

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It is once again election year. The time when we hear how bad the last years have been and how much better they will be if you vote for “enter candidate’s name.” As a first time voter, I want to be an informed voter. I am very worried and interested in who America will chose as our next president, let alone who I will chose to vote for. I have been watching debates, talk shows, and the caucuses to see what each candidate stands for and how they handle themselves. Every time I watch, Trump stands out as a front runner even when people say he is not qualified to be president. Therefore, I wonder what makes someone more qualified and better for the presidency? I think a good president will stay true to our system of government, fiscally responsible, be a good leader who follows our Constitution, and protect America locally and abroad.
The United States of America is a democratic republic meaning we are a country where ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens, and the government itself is run through elected officials. It is important that the next president of the United States believes in this system and is not trying to change what America was built upon for more power. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are trying to make America into a socialist country where they can rule like a king or queen. We cannot allow this to happen. If this form of government was right, we would have never separated from Britain. Our founding fathers created a government that gives people and the states a voice in order to limit the power of a strong national government with more power than the people. America is a great nation because we have rights to vote and speak freely. We cannot allow this to be taken from us. If Donald Trump is...

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...many debates, and news interviews I think I have come to the same conclusion as Christie. I believe Trump is our best candidate for presidency. I am not saving he is the perfect choice, but looking at the options he is a pretty great one. Trump understands the importance of Constitutional rights, keeping people protected through our government, balancing the budget, and putting an end to ISIS. He might be lacking in the political experience side of things because he has never been a senator or governor, but he has run many businesses and has great knowledge about the government, which he has shown us in the debates. Trump has shown that he really cares about this country because I believe he would not be wasting his money funding his own campaign if he did not. He is a brilliant man who is trying to make America great again and that is something I hope for as well.

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