What Makes People Receive Immigrants With Open Arms? Essay

What Makes People Receive Immigrants With Open Arms? Essay

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It’s widely criticized by some and accepted by others. What makes is acceptable and what makes people receive immigrants with open arms? Over the last few decades an argument has been sparked over immigration. What is right and what is wrong in this very controversial movement. Even though some people think we should help them however we can, because the United States is considered the best country to live in. But where do we as Americans draw the line? American citizens need to be safe and taken care of before anyone else. America wouldn’t be what it is today without immigration, most everyone that lives in America immigrated here, or their ancestors did. But immigration today is completely different than it was hundreds of years ago, and there needs to be a change in the process. Immigration policies need a reform and the number of people coming in illegally and make them work for what they desire in coming to our great country. In November a poll was done, and it showed 92% of American citizens considered illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be addressed.
The United States created Immigration Reform Committee in 1990 to examine the immigration policy and its effects on the nation. It was comprised of 9 individuals the chairman was appointed by the president and the additional 8 members were chosen by congress. Their initial report was released in 1994 and it recommended that there should be federal aid in some areas because the cost of illegal immigration was costing too much for public services. First I would like to look at the financial obligation our state and country face with all the illegal immigrants infiltrating our communities. In the poll completed by ALIPAC 83% of Americans stated they approve of immigran...

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...nd killed him. These are the things that we need to stop. Our government needs to step up and put a stop to these people who keep coming into our country and putting American’s at an unnecessary risk.
American’s have been raised to have certain lifestyles, no matter what that is; whether rich or poor or middle class, we all work for what we want. I believe that jobs should automatically be offered to citizens trying to make a life for their families. Our government needs to help our homeless veterans before any refugee from another country. We need to come together and work with each other to build a safe Homefront. Illegal immigrants may be willing to do jobs that others aren’t, but those who come here to reap the benefits without making the effort to become American’s should be sent back and that money can be given to others who need a hand up not a hand out.

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