Essay on What Makes One Organized Religion Correct Over Buddhism And Islam?

Essay on What Makes One Organized Religion Correct Over Buddhism And Islam?

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What makes one organized religion correct over the others? Is Christianity’s God correct over Buddhism and Islam? The answer is other humans. What organized religion is can be boiled down to God speaking with specific people and telling them what he is like and what he values. In Christianity, it was Jesus Christ; in Buddhism, it was Siddhartha Gautama; in Islam, it was the prophet Muhammad. Thus a belief in a certain God is really just a belief in other humans. For all we know, our superior God could just be a tardigrade that values crumpets. As insane as it sounds, it’s almost equally as ridiculous as thinking of a superior being that cares about us, looks like us, or has any relationship with us beyond recognizing our existence. The most concrete evidence of there being a God lies in the mathematical characteristic of nature, in which God presents his consistency in influence. I believe in a superior God that has an influence over the natural world and no relationship beyond recognition with me. Thus any meaning of life should be derived from my relationships with other humans and not one with God.

Part I:
One of Pascal’s truth is that man’s vanity clouds his view on truth and morality, thus driving him away from dedicating himself towards a God. A strength of Pascal’s argument is that he draws his evidence from common human experiences and characteristics. One such characteristic is vanity. This commonality makes his examples easy to follow and carry personal weight that others can relate to. Pascal writes, “How well-made that is! What a skillful workman! What a brave soldier!… What a lot that man drinks! How little that man drinks!” (pg 38). The use of relatable examples makes his arguments appear to fo...

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...d cares about us. As a result, I find my direction in life to be based off of my interactions with other humans.
However, recognizing how insignificant to God we may be is quite humbling, and helps keep vanity in check. So in a sense, the belief in God, of a higher superior powerful being, influences my life in recognizing how insignificant we may be, and to remain humble.
My religious position doesn’t answer the question “what is the meaning of life?”. If anything, my religious position has narrowed down my meaning of life into relationships with other humans, rather than one with a superior God. I may not be able to find my meaning of life in a God if he doesn’t find his meaning of life in me. It is through the relationships of my equals where I build my meaning of life and reading texts that continue to challenge these relationships is invaluable.

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