What Makes Missing A Sense? Essay

What Makes Missing A Sense? Essay

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Everyday, humans use all five senses on a regular basis, but it goes unnoticed. Humans have come so accustomed to living with sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, they don 't even notice it any more. Humans often forget how much of a privilege each of these senses is. Some individuals aren 't lucky enough to attain all of these features, and they teach us not to take them for granted. It is odd to consider what it would be like to live without any of these vital senses. With the consideration of the idea of missing a sense, comes the realization that life would be completely altered if you were lacking any one of our prized senses. Our senses are like the door to experiencing life, and without them, we would have to learn to adapt in many ways. Life would cease to exist how we know it without the ability to smell the grass, touch the soft dog, see the beautiful sunrise, taste the fruit of the garden, or hear the birds in the morning. All human literature and interaction in built from the foundation of the senses. If I had to choose a sense to live without for the rest of my life, I would choose smell because I believe it is less applicable than the other senses, it would be easier to cope with, and it could actually present benefits.

First of all, smell is less applicable in my daily life than several of my other senses. For instance, I use hearing constantly to communicate with other and enjoy one of my prime joys which is music. I am always using my vision to experience life, and I love creating visual appeal. Touching is used to help me interact with others in a personal way, while also exploring all of the natural wonders of the world. In addition, mainly for my pure enjoyment, I couldn 't imagine living without ta...

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...life, so I wouldn 't notice the deficiency hardly at all. Also, it would be easy to cope with the lack of smell by compensating with my other senses. Lastly, lacking the ability to smell could provide several benefits to make daily life more comfortable and easy to deal with. Sight, hearing, touch, and taste open up the world to the receiver, but smell seems to mainly open unpleasant doors to disturbing odors. One less body odor or spoiled milk smelled, the better. I wouldn 't easily give up any of my senses, but smell would just be the most practical to give up. My nose could live without smell, but my mind couldn 't survive without any of the other five senses that have come to be so important to me. Experiencing life is all about what you can observe and experience, and your senses control these things. I love all of my senses, but perhaps odor is just overrated.

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