What Makes An Executive Dashboard For The Great Visibility? Essay

What Makes An Executive Dashboard For The Great Visibility? Essay

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“An Executive Dashboard is a visual representation, that gives executive a quick and easy way to view their company’s performance in real time”. Most of the organizations prefer dashboards for the great visibility and insights to know exactly what’s going on in business. One famous quotes “if u can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Dashboard helps in improving the performance of the any organization and leads to success. Tableau is the visual of analyzing the solution from the data which it allows the people to explore and analyze the data by the simple form of drag-and- drop operations. People at any skill level can understand and use to analyze the data. It is the one of the self-service and the business intelligence applications.
Today many software industries using the Tabular desktop, people connect the volume of data and various formats to visualize the data on the flag. It supports the need of the business analytics who use the product as well as the data. Data base, spreadsheet and even big data can be easily combined to connect to the tableau. It shows the one of the best practices to create the effective data visualizations in advance for the specific business intelligence objectives which includes the most advanced features, covers the core feature set for data analytics, illustrating best practices for creating the data and sharing the particular type of dynamic data visualizations.
One of the best practice to create the data and view graphically(visualization). Tableau shares the types of the dynamic data visualizations. It generally understands the calculations and its Tableau functions, it is the layout which is colorful as it covers the book for analyzing the data in the desktop server. It is the free server t...

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...d sharable.
• At any time, Users or Clients will able to see the most recent server data.
• Tableau server can analyze the data with the drag and drop options.
• We can safely distribute the data or information.
• Tableau automatically retrieves the data and identifies the data fields.
• Data blending creates the groups based on the information of the source.
• Motion charts is good to represent the data
• Page control controls the animations to show up the time ranges
• Data blending connects multiple data sources.
• We can also observe the data in the form of the visualization with the help of the workbooks which are created.
• According to the business requirements we can visualize the data in work space area of Tableau.
• We can drag and drop the data in the dimension and the measure pane.
• It easily connects the data sources, and Provides the data very faster.

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