What Makes an Effective Writer and Learner Essay

What Makes an Effective Writer and Learner Essay

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This essay will describe and analyse my prior experiences during the course, related with what I have learnt about myself as a writer and learner. The thoughts I had before the beginning of the course where different from what they are now, but the important issue is to explain how they evolve throughout the last three months. Throughout the four assignments done in the course, I identified fundamental requirements I need to do an effective writing and an effective learning. Firstly, I have identified the ideal environment I need for doing my essays. Secondly, I discovered that day and night affect tremendously the quality of my works and why it’s easier to me to learn in the mornings. Finally, I have identified the best way for me to develop the planning phase of my works.
When I first began the course I just had the experience of being a writer in high school. This was the first reason I thought I had to explain the fact that I’m a night writer. Back in Colombia, school day ended at four in the afternoon. After that, I arrive home around five pm. At the time I took dinner and when I finally went on to write my essays it was already dark. So I enjoyed, the time where was alone in my room watching any movie, while I organized my ideas and write the essays due for school. After joining HULT, I could decide when to write. I felt that during the day many things were going on and if I just stayed alone in my room I was wasting valuable learning time. When I ended a class, many people asked me what I was going to do next. My friends always invited me to grab a beer, to ate lunch or have a pool game. Naturally, I always accept that type of invitations. When it come to write an essay, I could just concentrated after 6 pm when I was sit...

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...ring the free writing I experienced something that never happened to me. At the beginning I found it pointless but then I applied what MacMillan M. & Clark D. talked about, the writing block. This reflection was made after two days of thinking and fifteen minutes of free writing on a writing block. For all classes’ essays I just take ten or twenty minutes to put all the ideas on my mind in writing block. After that, I take other 40 minutes organizing the order of the ideas in the computer. And finally I get to the end of my essay polishing the final details in 1 hour. Writing an essay at the beginning of the course took me between four or five hours. Now I can do the same work in two or three hours. The writing block has been the mayor discovery I made along the course.

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