What Makes An Educated Person? Essay

What Makes An Educated Person? Essay

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What Makes an Educated Person?
Theodore Roethke once wrote in his poem “In dark times, the eyes begin to see” (Roethke). His quote meant that, when we are in the toughest time of life and there is no hope, that’s when we begin to realize how important life is to us. In life, we face a lot of troubling’s and difficult circumstances that we are unable to prevent them. But it happens so that we may learn from them to better our life due to the impact it might have on us and through that, we become educated people in the society.
As we could see in Khaled Hosseini’s novel “The Kite Runner”, an Afghan character named Amir Jan decides to visit his Hometown to fix the mistakes and the pain he had caused in the life 's of those who stood up for him during his time of need. Due to the guilt he felt during his childhood, after watching his childhood friend get sexually assaulted by Assef and losing his mother during birth, had made Amir to blame himself for the cause of these problems. Amir tries to overcome his guilt by asking for forgives from his childhood friend Hassan and also from his father for the loss of his Mother during birth by helping his friend 's son named Sohrab. During his Journey, Amir begins to learn the truth about his family from outsiders and other things he wasn 't informed when he was a kid. He realizes that, he had being betrayed and lied by his father’s selfishness of not informing him about having a brother. Due to this, Amir has become aware of the truth about his family and he regrets the mistake he had done to himself, after seeing his brother get raped by Assef. Due to this, Amir has become aware of his mistakes and he’s become an educated person.
Amir’s visit to Afghanistan was a journey to redempti...

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...come the situations in life that might be a burden to us, pulling us into the pit of darkness. But when we stand on our feet and decide a way to overcome them, we begin to feel at peace with ourselves. We could see one of the characters in the Novel "The Kite Runner” who tries to overcome the guilt that had haunted him throughout his life, had made him to seek for redemption and forgiveness after ruining and betraying the lives of people who stood up for him in time of need. Due to this, Amir had learned how to forgive himself and others helping him overcome the life of lies he had been through his childhood. This has made Amir to become a wiser person because, he had learned the truth about his family and realizes what his father told him was a lie. Through this, I realize that we all been educated throughout the situation we face in life.

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