Essay about What Makes A Woman By Elinor Burkett

Essay about What Makes A Woman By Elinor Burkett

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In her online article “What Makes a Woman” (2015), Elinor Burkett asserts that the trans society should not reduce being a woman down to the genitalia and that a woman is created through the experiences she endures in her lifetime. Burkett supports her claim about what creates a woman by presenting the reader with evidence taken from trans-genders who are fighting against women’s rights and goes to challenge them by sharing her view on the topic. Burkett’s purpose is to dissipate the undermining of women’s characteristics by silencing their experiences in order to generate awareness of what a woman’s identity is. She has a young adult audience that is aware of current events in the trans-gender movement in mind because she writes with a tone of assuredness and higher intellect levels.
The text that Elinor Burkett writes in is persuasive. She is giving her point of view on the trans-gender movement and trying to influence or persuade her audience. Burkett presents the audience with different points of view in order to give background information to the issue. She gives arguments and evidence from different trans-genders in order to sum up the opposing side. She then gives reasoning from her point of view or side in order to try and convince others to agree with her. She organizes her material by beginning with a statement that is sure to capture the reader. She then moves on to state her opinion and use evidence to show the contrary point of view. By using this type of organization, Burkett is portraying her opinion on the trans-gender movement and also supplying evidence to give justification to her beliefs. Statistics, facts, and real-life examples from the contradictory side create a firm foundation for Burkett to contest agai...

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... as a whole (Burkett). When Caitlyn Jenner came out to the public her life was instantly scrutinized by the public. Although it was a large issue, Jenner had many supporters, Burkett not being one of them. She believes that “Ms. Jenner’s experience included a hefty dose of male privilege few women could possibly imagine” and this pushed Burkett to write the article.
“What Makes a Woman?” summed up Elinor Burkett’s views along with many others’ on the trans-gender uprising movement. Burkett’s purpose is to dissipate the undermining of women’s characteristics by silencing their experiences in order to generate awareness of what a woman’s identity is. She does not want the trans-genders to undermine women by suppressing their experiences. Burkett’s article is one that can be read by any member of the population above 17 years old and who cares about current events.

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