Essay about What Makes A Unique Personality?

Essay about What Makes A Unique Personality?

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What makes are personality develop the way it does? How do we each develop a unique personality? These questions psychologist have been trying to answer since the founding of modern psychology. Sigmund Freud is the founder of modern psychology and mental health treatment. There have been many theorists that have come after him that ether keeps his ideas of personality development and many who did not. My theory is how kids develop schemas about college life. The idea of schemas comes from a theorist named Kelly. He came up with the theory of personal construct psychology. A schema is the way we expect things to be that we haven’t experienced yet. My theory I believe will have interest not in the past as much as the present. I believe my ideas on college schemas in the youth of America are devolved and affect our personality. will have future interest How college schemas are created in the mind of the children who are college bound. Many college schemas are ones that operate on Freud’s pleasure principle which is college is full of Sex, drinking and drugs. Freud’s pleasure principle is that the Mind is split into three parts one is the ID which is completely unconscious the ego the middle ground and the super ego the moral high ground. The ID is the part of the ego which is sex and aggression which makes sense on how this schema that college is one big pleasure trip. This affects the behavior of the youth of America they might start doing things such as drink, have sex and drugs when there younger to be ready. This makes them think their ready for the pleasure trip that that believe is college but in reality this makes them unprepared for the work and commitment of college. Freud also comes into play that our childhood ...

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...e, As you control your own destiny. Human behavior is not very consistent as everyone develops in their own way. Human behavior varies on what personality types you have your background and numerous other factors. Human behavior is Not very prevalent Factor in Selvas theory of schema development and construct development. In conclusion there many factors that contributes to the development of our schema’s and our constructs college. Some of our schemas are of our own choice some we can attribute to other factors. My theory did not Solve on the great questions of psychology how can we define human personality and how do we develop to be a unique personality. My theory did explain some of the more common schema’s of college life of what people expect borrowing from several theorist to explain them. Those great questions will stand and many more people will try to

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