What Makes a Terrorist? Essay

What Makes a Terrorist? Essay

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What Makes a Terrorist?
The rising of terrorism due to the September 11, 2001 tragedy issued a simple key question by the people across the world of different backgrounds; what would make the people masterminding and participating in the attacks willing to perish their precious life in creating a massive destruction in a foreign land? What makes a terrorist? In short, terrorism is viewed as the threat designed in influencing the characters and behaviour of a group or to attain objectives that are quite impervious (Rapoport and Alexander, eds. 1982). By the diverse fact that terrorism is perceived as a phenomenon, ever-changing, and highly convoluted, this argumentative controversy is also lacking in a definition which is generally agreeable. Thus, with plenty of factors and degrees subsidizing to terrorism, it can be acclaimed that psychological considerations, political and the pressuring sense of oneness among the groups are the several common leading factors to terrorism.
Psychologically, terrorists are perceived either as fanatics or as mentally disrupted. For Walter Laqueur (197...

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