What Makes A Stronger Leader Than A Manager? Essay

What Makes A Stronger Leader Than A Manager? Essay

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It is a common misconception that managers and leaders are one in the same. Although they are different, they share the role of influencing others; however, how they influence others is what makes them different. It is important to clarify the characteristics of each term for one to understand the differences between them. According to Dunn and Haimann (2010, p. 481), managers are more likely to influence their staff to do things using control and persuasion, while leaders influence staff members to want to do the assigned tasks. Managers focus on results of tasks while leaders typically have a stronger focus on each step within a process. Considering all the factors involved with each, I would classify myself as a stronger leader than a manager.
My personality is one of the biggest factors that make me a stronger leader than manager. Compassion, curiosity, and encouragement are some of my personality traits that contribute to my leadership qualities. Through past leadership experiences, I discovered that others are more likely to listen to orders when they feel equally involved as everyone else. I often found myself reaching out to others for help and involvement in reaching goals. It is important know of various motivators that could be useful in getting others involved. I had a lot of experience doing this while leading various organizations and teams during high school and still do today when I am leading others on group projects. When deciding what motivators will be most effective, I communicate with the people I am working with and get to know them on a personal level. This helps me discover their different interests, likes, and dislikes. This helps me decide on what reward my followers will receive upon comp...

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...on to my clinical staff, I will spend time collecting data and performing multiple evaluations on the red flag areas. I will present this information to the clinicians to supplement my reasoning for the desired changes.
After presenting my evidence to the clinical staff, I will set multiple goals for the organization to reach throughout the changing process versus one large goal. This will give the staff a clearer outlook on my expectations and will make the changes seem more attainable (Adams, 2003). I have personally discovered that I am more resilient to change when the expectations seem unrealistic. The ultimate goal for me as a manager that is enforcing change will be to lead my staff to recognize all the benefits the changes will have on the organization. This will also help maintain the changes made, preventing the return of past behaviors (Adams, 2003).

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