What Makes A Strong Person? Essay

What Makes A Strong Person? Essay

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Everyone has their own definition of a strong person. A strong person to me is a person that can overcome the adversities in life positively. My friend Ivery, my dad, and my sister can be boldly described as a strong person in so many ways. In order to be characterized as a strong person you have to be stable-minded, courageous, and honest. Every strong person has their own character traits but there are some that stand out more than others. Some people may define people strong by their physical strengths. Others might say you are strong because you didn’t cry when you should have cried. Defining a strong person is based off of your perception of something. There are three people that demonstrate strong qualities as an individual.
The first person who I identify as a strong person is Ivery. Ivery is my friend from elementary school. Ivery has faced so many adversities in her past life. She has experienced rape and neglect at an early age. When you are younger and experience such tragic events in life they kind of make you want to give up. That was not even half of it she a...

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