What Makes A Simple Class? Essay

What Makes A Simple Class? Essay

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You never really know how much impact a simple class may have on you until you really take it. I have taken enough classes all of which gave me the same outcome, which is a step closer to my degree however; there are some classes that you will always remember. Most of the time the classes that you should remember are the ones that teach about the ins and outs of the specific career you wish to pursue. Sometimes those classes are not even the ones that stick to you. Sometimes the classes that you will always remember are those easy electives that you sign up for in hopes of getting an easy A. I remember signing up for one class thinking that it would be a breeze to take, but my predictions were definitely wrong. From taking a simple Spanish class, at least that’s what I thought it would be, I learned that basically that all classes are not easy. I realized that you must always put your best foot forward in everything that you do, no matter what it is that you are doing. Whether is getting all the pointless busy work done, or even just showing up to class everyday and on time always put the work in. When I registered for this sociology class, honestly I just needed the credits. When I signed up I knew what I was getting myself into due the two previous sociology classes and also a psychology class that I have taken throughout my college career. I took one sociology class at Georgia State and the other two at Valdosta State University. Ironically I learned more at Georgia State University. The class which is called Race and Ethnic Relations influenced me to register for Gender Studies. My expectations for Gender Studies turned out to be totally different from what it actually was. There was a lecture everyday and we did learn a lot o...

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...s to do femininity. We teach our boys to stay away from their emotions and to always be the tough guy. Little did we know that teaching our children these morals are what could possibly be one of the reasons for domestic violence. As a parent of a 1 year old boy in this society, I leaned that I must always be careful of what I am teaching to ensure that he understands that it is okay to express his feeling.
I enjoyed taking this class, it was more interesting than what I originally intended. The information I have learned as well as the different people I have learned about in the class is something that I will always remember. I learned that I should try to have more of an open mind and that I should try to stay away from what our society says is right. If my generation can do this, we can break society’s curse and the newer generations will be able to live freely.

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