What Makes A Professional Teacher? Essay examples

What Makes A Professional Teacher? Essay examples

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Educators are expected to show a bit of decorum in their day to day lives; which means that they should behave in a respectable and professional manner. As a teacher, it is important to understand what appropriate behavior is as well as how one is expected to apply this in their everyday lives. Moreover, teachers also need to recognize the connection between how they present themselves and how other’s perceive them. A professional teacher should demonstrate and practice a high level of understanding for proficient, acceptable, and respectful behavior inside and outside of the classroom, because anything less may have a negative impact on their career or reputation.
Teachers have the ability to make a big change in the lives of their students; however, this also puts them in a position to work closely with parents, fellow teachers, and administration as well. This means that a teacher is expected to present themselves in a professional fashion while communicating, interacting, and collaborating with everyone involved in a student’s education. By doing this the teacher is able to demonstrate that they are highly qualified and capable of educate students in a way that reflects positively on the teacher and their skills. Moreover, this also helps to build trust and appreciation between students, teachers, families, faculty, and district; which is a key part of constructing a strong foundation in these developing relationships. Educators can do a lot of things in and out of the classroom that will help them strive for professionalism in their field.
If an individual wishes to show that they are a professional, then they need to dress and act the part. This means that a teacher should dress in a way that reflects positively on their le...

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...ing relationships with students, families, and faculty is beginning the relationship. For many it seems as though they are able to meet and warm up to people fairly quickly. However, there are a lot of people on the other side of the spectrum who dread meeting new people. I am like these people. It is not that I do not like new people, it is just difficult for me to start a conversation with someone I have never met before. Though regardless of how awkward the first conversation is for me with someone new, I am still able to build relationships with others rather swiftly. To work on this, I have started joining groups and clubs so that I can practice meeting people for the first time without feeling uncomfortable. This is an area I need a lot of work in, but I believe that by putting myself out there and meeting new faces, I will be able to overcome this obstacle.

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