What Makes A Picture Of A Body Of Water Essay

What Makes A Picture Of A Body Of Water Essay

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When making our first impression of other people, we tend to put an abundance of focus onto traits that should not matter. We often let our judgements of people we are not familiar with become our reality. I chose a text of a picture of six trees showing their reflections into a body of water they surround. Each tree had its own unique features, but their reflections into the water were similar. This painting displays the concept that no matter how different people are, we are all still people. I believe that we should share this outlook on people, that they are all the same inside no matter the differences on the outside.
Historically, I believe that the most common difference that we have wrongly judged people by is race. White was viewed as the majority, as blacks, Hispanics, Indians, and Asians were viewed as the minorities. But what makes them different than one another? Nothing. They are all the same. Our skin color should not determine what kind of person we are. For example, you have two cars. They are both the same make and model. The only difference between the two cars is the color of paint. Will they both work the same? Will they drive the same? Will they both receive the same gas mileage? Will they have the same features? The answer to all those questions is yes, because they are both made the same way. I personally am friends with people of all races, but I do not like to look at it that way. I look at it as I am friends with people who may be a bit different than I am on the outside, but we are all the same in the inside.
Gender is another factor of equality that is often overlooked. Why can’t a man do a “woman’s job” or a woman do a “man’s job”? Women can be police officers*, not “policemen”. Women can be firefig...

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...y would probably consider abnormal. Accept people for who they are, let them be proud of where they are from.
It is known that people are different. We vary by gender, race, and ethnicity. We all have physical features that are unique to one another. We have different religious beliefs, political views. Some people have different sexual preferences than others. With all of these differences we have, we cannot ignore the fact that we are not much different. We are all people, and should all be treated with equal opportunity, respect, and kindness. If we forget this, our world is going to be ruined. Imagine what seven billion people could accomplish if they accepted each other for who they are. Our differences between one another should not be seen with negativity. Our differences are what make us unique as people, and they should be all be treated with EQUAL respect.

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