Essay about What Makes A Person Successful?

Essay about What Makes A Person Successful?

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What is success? And what makes a person successful? I don’t exactly know, but what I do know is that everyone has their own way of describing success and that it has no limit. We all go through things in life that gives us the inner thought of I want to become successful! Success to you might mean wealth and success to your peer might be owning a home. I’ve learned through life experiences that success would come to oneself by working hard.
I come from a very unwealthy family. Both my parents have worked very hard since they came to this country. As a child I grew up listening my mother cry at her bedroom praying for a better life. I remember standing on the corner of the wall looking down at my small hands wondering how or what I could do to change the life we were in. I wasn’t always given a lot as a child. I wanted things but I was always told to wait or the no hay dinero talk. After I grew up I understood my parents and felt grateful for what they had done. However, never do I want my children to see me cry or tell them they can’t have something because there is no money. That p...

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