Essay What Makes A Person Right Or Left Handed?

Essay What Makes A Person Right Or Left Handed?

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There are many different theories and suggestions for what makes a person right or left handed. Some say it is purely genetic, a study has even been done to show that left handed people are one gene apart from right-handed people, in the situation of identical twins (Klar, 2013). Some theories suggest that culture can influence which hand we are dominant with and studies have been done to show the prevalence of this theory. Another idea is that a boost of testosterone when the child is a fetus or brain damage due to stress can cause a child to be left-handed, but little evidence supports this (Klar). There are obviously many different ideas, some proven and others still in question.

Human Handedness Connections
One scientist, Rife made an important discovery concerning human handedness and scalp whorl (Klar, 2013). His studies showed that right-handed individuals have a clockwise whorl and that non right handed people (left handed and ambidextrous) display a random mixture of clockwise and counterclockwise swirls. Rife says that if a person uses their left hand for ten or more daily tasks, such as brushing your teeth, holding a spoon, or writing, they are considered NRH (non right handed) (Klar). Studies even showed that children of left handed parents could be right handed (Klar). There is very much debate over what truly determines handedness because of cultural influence. I am not left handed and no one in my family is. My hair whorls are clockwise, just as the study suggests. I do think that genetics plays a role in handedness, but I don’t think that it is safe to say that it is all that influences it. Most children learn from watching their parents, and I believe that could influence handedness as well as cultural influence...

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... things is to keep up with the latest research. Hair whorls are directly correlated with handedness (Klar, 2013). Some other theories have been speculated and other factors are known to contribute. Improved episodic memory and larger corpus collosum have significant correlation when determining memory differences between handedness (Christman, 2001). Listening is not a passive process, it takes concentration. We have learned that sometimes we can trick our eyes (or our eyes can trick us) when looking at optical illusions. Pitch is the quality of sound that is described as high or low and is determined by the frequency of a sound wave (Griggs, 2014). Memory is still in debate, but we know for a fact that short-term memory lasts less than thirty seconds (Griggs). All in all, the body is an amazing creation and its true mechanisms may forever evoke a sense of wonder.

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