What Makes A Mental Fight? Essay

What Makes A Mental Fight? Essay

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Intro: From the time that we are able to speak, our parents have always told us how important it is to “tell the truth”. If we didn’t speak the “truth” the results would be some kind of punishment as a negative reinforcement to the behavior. For example, as a child many of us would be told to sit in time out for lying about something like not having any cookies before dinner. Other times we would be rewarded for not telling our new friend that we didn’t like their new shoes, a time when the truth was discouraged in order to preserve someone’s feelings. We have all been in situations similar to this. It’s a mental battle addressing everchanging daily situations and determining what is true and what is false. But, what really is this concept called truth that has been drilled into our brains starting at such a young age? Why does this word have so much control over our actions and daily lives?
Part 1 Thesis: Some philosophers believe that in order to understand truth one must first understand belief. These two words coexist. Beliefs don 't exist outside the mind; they are one of the most powerful things on the planet. They are our own personal expressions of what we think is true based on evidence and facts.
Antithesis: However, this ideal poses a problem. Some beliefs can be seen as an opinion, not the truth. Truth is facts. Although reality exists in an objective form, our beliefs are our mental concepts of how we perceive that reality. A belief about reality is not necessarily reality itself. Since a belief is something that results from drawing inferences it’s possible for people to examine the same evidence and draw different inferences and reach different claims. Evidence and facts are not self-interpreting. One finds eviden...

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...liefs are true and you act on them, then you are likely to get what you want. For example, if as a child you asked your mom for a cookie before dinner, rather than just taking it when you weren’t supposed to, there will be fewer consequences and possibly a reward. On the other hand, not all truths are important. Some truths may be not worth knowing. No one should spend all of their time seeking out every possible truth. What we want to know are truths that matter, truths that are relevant to our everyday lives.
Conclusion: In conclusion, it’s important to understand the meaning behind the simple yet complex word truth. We find ourselves using the word frequently throughout our daily lives. The next time someone encourages you to “tell the truth” ask them what the meaning of truth is. It’s something many of us never really stop to think about, yet it is so integral.

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