Essay on What Makes A Life Coach

Essay on What Makes A Life Coach

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If you 've found this article from a Google search, I assume that you are already familiar with what a life coach is. Even if you are, reading my article "What is a Life Coach" will provide you with valuable information on what exactly a life coach does, how coaching contracts work, what typical coaching formats look like and how you might want to focus your business as you consider becoming a coach.
This article is geared towards the logistics on what you can do to become a life coach and start your own business.
What Credentials do I Need?
At the risk of turning people off to life coaching in this article, I am going to give you the facts about people that are calling themselves coaches. Truth be told - there are NO job requirements to become a coach. Sounds scary huh? Put a sign up, print some business cards, call yourself a life coach and you are good to go. Pretty easy business to build eh?
Lets take a bit of a closer look here. What I am really saying is that by law, no professional certification is required for someone to call him or herself a life coach - or coach (often the word 'life ' is either omitted or replaced with a different word such as 'executive ', 'wellness ', 'lifestyle management ' or 'business '). So unlike a psychologist, a physical therapist, registered dietician, a contractor, or a lawyer, the state and country (USA) does not recognize a life coach as a credentialed profession. Therefore, no license is required to call yourself a coach (at least as of the date this article is posted).
Lets look at some other examples of similar professions that might fall into the same category. How about that big one of 'consultant '. There are lots of consultants out there consulting on everything you can think o...

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...e and have several areas they focus on.
If you choose to focus your coaching on a specific area - lets say 'parenting troubled teens ', then its a good idea that you 've got a background of working with troubled teens so that you can best understand your client. Now a pure life coach is committed to recognizing that a client has their own answers and that the coaches job is to empower the client such that they see this clearly for themselves. Therefore, a coach is a generalist - their training and skill is really in communicating with people such that they can identify and build appropriate goals and actions that fulfill their dreams. If you naturally have this skill, you 've got the greatest asset that a life coach needs. Some people have an innate tendency to 'be coach '. If you don 't naturally have this skill, rest assured that wish practice you can develop it.

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