Essay about What Makes A Killer?

Essay about What Makes A Killer?

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Americans live in a society straight out of a serial killers dream, where everyone has the right to own a gun, but not everyone has basic healthcare. Every major city, busy street, or thriving night scene, stands different people from different backgrounds, races, and social classes. They all seem to carry a similar message the end is near. Majority of Americans today share a nightmare in common, they venture out into society whether it be the movies, dropping children off at school, or going shopping at the local mall. All with a common prayer “don’t let my child be the headline news tonight”. It seems everyday we hear the story of a disgruntled person who pulls out a weapon and starts shooting at ordinary civilians. We sit around glued to our tablets and phones listening to the news, trying to understand what would cause someone to commit such an act of violence and horror. We find ourselves asking, “what makes a killer?” There are two main theories when discussing psychology of a killer, the learning theory and the choice theory. The learning theory regards that a person learns and picks up on certain behaviors while growing up and those behaviors carry on into adulthood. The choice theory however believes that we choose to commit crimes for various reasons. Perhaps it’s not one or the other but a mixture of both.
April 20th 1999 started of like any other mundane day for students in Jefferson County, Colorado. Students stumbled onto campus, feigning for whatever caffeine they could get there hands on, talking about the hottest gossip from the day before, and sharing notes for the upcoming exam in their next period. Two of their fellow students had reached a boiling point, much like a teakettle that begins to whistle when rea...

... middle of paper ...

...e settler to even out the playing fields between them and their oppressors.
While we may never now exactly what makes a killer, it’s relatively easy to assume it’s not just on thing that happens to someone and you go on a murder spree. Typically it’s a build up of hundreds of experiences and emotions felt by the perpetrator. Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboid suffered from mental disorders, were victims of bullying, avid Gothic “trench coat mafia” fans, and above all completely distorted from reality. As much as people may wish to find an easy answer as to why people do these things, it’s just not an easy answer. As far as the choice theory and learning theory go, the Columbine Massacre perpetrators clearly and boldly showed signs from both theories and scared a nation for generations. Whether it’s watching a scary movie, or the news, America is living in a nightmare.

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