What Makes A Job Is A Blessing? Essay

What Makes A Job Is A Blessing? Essay

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Although the unemployment rate is decreasing compared to the last few years, having a job is a blessing. An even greater blessing is having a job that you love. Since the job market is competitive, many people are settling to work at companies they are unhappy with to earn a means of income. A highly low satisfaction career is within the profession of education. Teachers report having low satisfaction with their job, with a correlated mixture of low motivation. Because of these obstacles, job performance may be suffering as well. According to a journal entry in Teacher and Teacher Education, many factors predict job satisfaction, including the intrinsic reward of teaching, the factors extrinsic to school, and most importantly, the school-based factors. (E. Skaalvik and S. Skaalvik, 2011). School-based factors include relationships with colleagues, parents, and school leadership, time pressure, and disruptive student behavior. As part of the job, teachers must have effective communication with the parents of the students, conferences with colleagues, and cope with all behaviors of students. Imagine having many students in your classroom that never participated in class discussions, would refuse to do any work, were class clowns, and acted in a disrespectful manner. This could cause much stress due to the inability to leave the situation, because you must try and encourage the student to do better.
Furthermore, teachers also lack a feeling of belonging, which is a fundamental human need (Baumeister and Leary, 1995). When someone feels like their duties are overlooked or underappreciated, many begin to lose motivation. A teacher’s job is to help bring education to students to help with their futures and have the pressure from others...

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...ties to help educate this population could question your overall goal to making the education system better. This lessens motivation to a teacher; knowing that you are trying hard as you can to enlighten students, but the goal is nearly impossible to achieve.
An obvious, but difficult motivational-enhancement intervention could be to raise the salary of academic teachers, even if it is to the same pay as physical education teachers. Money can motivate someone to have better job performance, because at the end of it all, people essentially have jobs to make money. Going further, having mandatory annual pay raises based on work performance could help motivate them to keep doing their job effectively and efficiently. Though this may be hard because of budget caps, it would definitely be a larger incentive and improve worker performance, motivation, and job satisfaction.

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