What Makes a Home? Essay

What Makes a Home? Essay

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Home is a term that is used throughout the world as the place where one lives. Is this really what home means? In looking deeper at what the word really means, many interpretations become apparent. Another word that sometimes is confused with home is the word house. A house is the actual building where a person lives, whereas a home is more personal. The dictionary defines the word home as the place in which one's domestic affections are centered (Scott, Foresman Advanced Dictionary p.528). A house is made of mud and bricks but a home is made from love. A home is made of love, sorrow, laughter, excitement, hope, care, atmosphere and feelings of everyone. A home reflects your personality. When a guest enters in the house, he/she comes to know what sort of person you are. A home is a place to rest. There's no place except home which seems like heaven to us.
A definition of home has no correct answer. Each individual's meaning is different. I associate home with feelings of comfort, security, and love. Webster's Dictionary defines home as "a place where we live, a place of residence (w...

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