Essay on What Makes A Healthy Relationship?

Essay on What Makes A Healthy Relationship?

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Everyone deserves a safe and healthy relationship. Coincidentally, the aim of the YWCA is to assist individuals who have found themselves in the polar opposite of this and allow us to dare to dream that we can achieve happiness in a healthy relationship. One key ingredient to building a healthy relationship is communication and ensuring that each party wants and expect the same thing. Presently, I am in a roommate relationship with Christal Claiborne, which I find unhealthy because of several incidents that indicate that we are not on the same page.

My current roommate has no regards for personal space and is constantly touching my person. This I find highly uncomfortable as within less than four (4) hours of meeting her, she became very interested in my sexual preferences especially as it relates to females. Then within less than twelve (12) hours after giving her some items of clothing, as a means of thank she quickly embraced me and although I was backing away she leaned in and gave me a kiss. I made it clear that I am not interested in females and she needs to respect my persona...

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