Essay What Makes A Good Student?

Essay What Makes A Good Student?

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Society has many views on what it takes to be a good student, but they often confuse a good student with a smart individual. In a typical community, a good student is defined as anyone who passes to the next grade and graduates from high school. On the other than, in an educational atmosphere, a good student is normally stereotyped as an individual who makes honors and masters every exam, but in reality is that really the case if they are already genetically smart? According to Gayle, “Findings showed that a gene known as FNBP1L was significantly linked to childhood intelligence. The same gene had previously been shown to be the most significant gene in predicting adult intelligence”.By researchers proving that genetics are a small aspect to an individual’s success, it could be easily concluded that grades do not determine a good student. A good student pursues scholarships, actively participates in class, and maintains a positive, professional relationship with instructors and peers. Although good students are often associated with good grades, grades are only a small portion of what it takes to measure a good student.
A good student is not someone who makes straight A’s throughout school, but a person who tries their best to actually learn a concept.One important aspect of a good student is the desire to learn. Good students have a passion for leaning that encourages them to put their all into a particular subject regardless of their grades. They learn for long-term knowledge rather than memorizing it to pass a test. Good students have an initiative to learn and read curriculums without being told to do so. They enjoy knowing who, why, when and where about topics during their study, and they also enjoy using their prior knowledg...

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...tant for those students who hope to attend graduate school and will need letters of recommendation in the future.” (McLean) Good attendance and positive relationships with professors could be very useful in your grades. By forming meeting with them and forming a bond, it will show the professors your motivation, concentration, and self-discipline in the course.
It’s often confused that good grades are associated with a good students, but that is not exactly true. Yes, grades are an important way to measure the academic success of a student in a course, but there are also other key aspects as well. Good students are accurately classified as having traits such as having a passion for learning, participating and attending class regularly, and respecting your professors. By having these specific qualities, professors will automatically identify you as a good student.

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